Who Do I Talk To?

I have a concern with the coaches.

If your child is playing football and you have a concern with the coach(s) then we have a simple rule – wait 24 hours and then talk to the head coach in private and not during practice or games.  We can all agree that when we are heated the conversation could not be taken in its intended manner.  If after your talk with the head coach you are not satisfied then you should contact the Player Agent.  If the Player Agent is unavailable or does not get back to you in a reasonable time frame then you will contact the Coaching Coordinator.

If your child plays on Flag, Pre Clinic, Clinic or Super Peewee he or she should get ample playing time regardless of talent level.  The MOJMFA is not concerned with winning at these levels as they are purely instructional.

If your child plays on Peewee, Junior Varsity or Varsity then he or she will have plenty of opportunity to play because there are Saturday and Monday night games.  These levels are competitive.

I have a good idea for raising money for the organization.

Please contact the Director of Fundraising.

I have an equipment issue.

Please contact the Equipment Director.

I have an issue with the safety of our fields or a suggestion.

Please contact the Director of Operations.

I would like to help out with concessions and spirit wear.

Please contact the Concessions Director.

I need help with Registration.

Please contact the Registration Director.

I need help paying my bill or have billing questions.

Please contact the Treasurer.