Football Mania

If you like football, you’ll love FootballMania! With each FootballMania game card, you can win $1,000s in prize money by just sitting back, watching the games, and rooting for the teams printed on your game card. The more points your teams score each week, the better chance you have to win! This sweepstakes makes football games exciting for even the most casual fan! Watch a short video for an explanation of how the sweepstakes works.


Throughout the 17-week season, you can check your game card to see if you’ve won.
As a Football Mania sweepstakes game card holder you have 11 chances to win a prize in each of the 17 weeks of the professional football season.

Tickets are only $20 a piece and they last you the whole regular NFL season.

Your card contains three NFL teams per week. The three teams change each week.
You can win money for having the highest combined score or the lowest combined score.

You have a chance every week to win!

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