Equipment Director – Rick Macri

Equipment Handouts:

No equipment will be given unless accounts are fully paid before you arrive at equipment handout.  You can pay online via credit card or send in checks (please send in about 1 week prior so checks can be received).  This is in an effort to speed up equipment handout, and to ensure payment.

Click HERE for instructions on jersey care


Your child is issued a helmet as part of the registration fee. MOJMFA only issues helmets that are either new or meet the stringent recertification requirements of our supplier, Riddell.

The Riddell Revolution Speed is an advanced helmet and has high test ratings against concussions. It is used by various college teams and NFL teams.  This will be the standard helmet beginning in the 2017 season.

You can purchase an upgrade to the RIDDELL SPEED FLEX HELMET from MOJMFA for your child for a one time fee of $251.  Once you purchase a Speed FLEX helmet, your child will be fitted in a new or recertified Speed FLEX helmet each season as long as they are in the program! 

We are only purchasing a limited number of these helmets – as a trial for this season.   This helmet will require a SPECIAL FITTING at a date to be determined in the Spring. 

If your child outgrows the helmet, they will be fitted with a larger new or recertified one at no additional cost. Upon leaving the program the helmet will be put into the equipment pool for the remainder of it’s lifespan for use by another child.  

The $251 is treated as a donation to the program. 

Riddell Link To Speed Helmet

Riddell Link to Speed Flex Helmet